Earth Hope
Earth Hope

People and Earth Are One

Earth Hope

People and Earth Are One

Raise your hope for Earth
- encourage Prayer of the Earth Heart through meditation, gardening and hiking
- share the good news of the Universe Story
- inspire people to love, protect and nourish all creation as kin
Our Work - Retreats and Workshops

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Our Sponsored Programs
Our Vision
- a flourishing planet
- just and compassionate          
  human communities
- Angela's Piazza ~ "Connecting Youth with Nature" program for at-risk children
   in the Billings, MT area.   
- Franciscan Greenhouse and Gardens ~ expansion of CSA at Michaela Farm
- Earth Hope in Prisons ~ learning nonviolent relationships with self and others
     through study of the Universe Story
- Transition Initiative ~ educating communities to shift from fossil fuel dependence
     to local resilience

Celebrating the Life of

Thomas Berry

Sophia Summer Institute 2014

In celebration of the centenary of Thomas Berry’s birth

The Legacy of Thomas Berry in "Journey of the Universe"


Join our outstanding faculty as we take another significant step to create together the mutually enhancing world about which Thomas dreamed.

July 17 – 20, 2014

Please click here to register for the Summer Institute. If you prefer, you can register by phone at 510-436-1046 or by sending an email to The Sophia Center at .

Register Online!