Earth Hope
Earth Hope

People and Earth Are One

Earth Hope
Earth Hope

People and Earth Are One

  Cosmology Training Participants
Holding Small Drawings depicting
personal visions for the future
NYC ~ October 5, 2013

Raise your hope for Earth
- encourage Prayer of the Earth Heart through meditation, gardening and hiking
- share the good news of the Universe Story
- inspire people to love, protect and nourish all creation as kin
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Our Vision
- a flourishing planet
- just and compassionate          
  human communities

In Loving Memory of
 Sister Mary Nerney, CND

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Our Sponsored Programs
- Angela's Piazza ~ "Connecting Youth with Nature" program for at-risk children
   in the Billings, MT area.
- Franciscan Greenhouse and Gardens ~ expansion of CSA at Michaela Farm
- Earth Hope in Prisons ~ learning nonviolent relationships with self and others
     through study of the Universe Story
- Transition Initiative ~ educating communities to shift from fossil fuel dependence
     to local resilience

Earth Hope Cosmology Course
 October 5, 2013

Little did we suspect that this would be Sister Mary Nerney's last training as part of the Earth Hope Teaching Team.

We are deeply honored to have had her share her wisdom, encouragement, laughter and vision for incarcerated women, using our Cosmology program.

Almost six years ago, Sister Mary accepted Sister Marya's invitation to bring the Earth Hope Cosmology program to the women at Rikers Island Jail. Upon her return home to NYC, Mary began to rewrite the curriculum in simpler language.

She devised creative ways to bring the gift of peaceful music into the lives of women in the Intensive Therapy Unit. She created "gentle stretching exercises" the women could do regardless of any physical limitations. She helped them make cards for their children during the art segment of the course. And, she began to teach the Story of the Universe to abused women who never imagined themselves made of stardust!

Mary delighted in telling me how their eyes lit up as they learned this.

Since then, Mary helped train others to use the program in Billings, MT, St. Louis, MO, and NYC.

Mary now sparkles among the stars and we miss her very much. Incarcerated women continue to glow with new-found self-esteem as the Story of the Universe makes its way into their minds and hearts, taught by teachers trained by Sister Mary. The journey doesn't end with death, only deepens into new forms of life.